Case Study

Project Title: Conflict of Policy Training

Tools Used: Articulate Rise 360, Articulate Storyline 360, Canva

Time in Development: 3 Weeks

Completion Date: June 28, 2021

Client: Relief International (RI)

Collaborators: Independent work

Problem Context:

Executive Summary:

This policy training is designed and developed for employees of Relief International to understand the basics of the Conflict of Interest Policy. It was seen the legal language of the policy was perplexing to some employees especially for whom English is not the first language.

What were the challenges you were trying to solve with this project?

This course is designed to simplify the contents of the Conflict of Interest Policy so as to make it understandable.

Solution Journey:

What were your criteria? What were the constraints that you needed to workaround? Were there any solutions you considered but rejected?

  • The client suggested creating a course that is accessible on mobile devices and keeping it short to keep the learners engaged.

  • The technology is inaccessible for some learners in remote parts of the world.

What solution did you choose in the end? What drew you to that specific choice?

  • The course is designed as a microlearning lesson. So, Articulate Rise 360 is used as an authoring tool. This helped in rapid development. Also, the course can be accessed from mobile phones as well.

  • To make the course accessible for all employees in remote parts of the world I decided to use the 'export a pdf version of the course' feature of Articulate Rise to create a workbook.

Briefly describe the design and development process you used.

  • Needs Analysis- Based on the basic requirements from the client I completed the needs analysis for the course requirements. After receiving feedback from some new employees it was clear that the policy contents were mystifying for some of them.

  • Learner Analysis- Then I completed the learner analysis. Most of the learners facing issues with the language were from countries where English is a second language. This helped me deciding one of the goals as to keep the language simple. Also, some of them mentioned poor infrastructure so I decided to print the workbooks for the course as an offline option.

  • SME and Client Communication- After communication with SME and client (HR and Legal Teams of RI) the Articulate Rise 360 was finalized as an authoring tool. The client suggested adding some real-life scenarios. So, I decided to embed Articulate Storyline blocks into the course in Rise.

  • Design- The course blueprint and storyboard were created. I used PowerPoint for it.

  • Development- Followed the storyboard in actual development. I used Canva to create some infographics.


Have you seen any benefits from your solution? How would you or do you measure its success? List key takeaways through a summary.

The solution is still under implementation. But I have received feedback from some learners that they have found the course is likable. Also, the scenarios are helpful to identify the actual situations of conflict of interest.

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