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Engaging Compliance Training

While working on policy training for Relief International I realized that policy training or compliance training can be very boresome and that could be one of the reasons for less user engagement. I thought if these trainings are so much important then why do they need to be so dry?

I realized that it’s our- instructional designers’ responsibility to make it interesting to learners. The learners of any age will have more engagement if the teaching is fun. It helps in restoring the knowledge and later shows desired changes in the behavior.

I have come up with a few engagement tactics. I think these will be useful in my next project in compliance training.

1. Resources-

I feel learners need to have access to documents, job aids, posters, or chatbots while learning. According to the principles of andragogy, adult learners are self-motivated and they learn by connecting the new idea to their prior experiences. Our aim should be to change the learners’ behavior. That’s why I feel the necessity of having access to the resources on all slides except while quizzing.

2. Gamification-

I feel interactivity in designing the course is not just clicking some buttons, popping up screens. This interactivity should be meaningful. We can add interactivity with gamification to grow learner engagement. I have created a sample ‘escape room’ which can be part of assessments of compliance training. Other gamification ideas – board games, wheel of fortune, cards games.

Depending on the mode of delivery of the training WBT, ILT, or blended, we can customize gamification to address the requirements.

3. Storyline Settings-

There are some useful settings in Articulate Storyline like the use of conditional seek bar which can be used to make compliance training more meaningful.