Case Study

Project Title: Giving Employees Feedback

Tools Used: Articulate Storyline 360

Time in Development: 2 days

Completion Date: July 21, 2021

Client: Mock corporate client

Collaborators: Purva Nagarkar

Problem Context:

Executive Summary:

Giving feedback to employees is one of the essential skills a manager needs to possess. This course was kept in mind to fulfill this requirement.

What were the challenges you were trying to solve with this project?

It is seen that a lack of having skills to provide effective feedback can be a loss to the organization in terms of finances and skilled labor. All positions in an organization that have reporting employees must go through this training.

Solution Journey:

Briefly describe the design and development process you used.

  • Needs Analysis- I completed the needs analysis by talking to managers, employees who report to those managers. I also checked exit interviews for employees who recently left the organization. I gathered the data that showed that managers are lacking in the skill of giving feedback.

  • Learner Analysis- The target learners are managers who have at least one reporting employee. All have basic computer skills.

  • SME and Client Communication- The client in this case HR team of the organization. HR managers are SMEs. I communicated with them through direct conversation, emails, and phone calls. I recorded details of each meeting which mentioned the achievements, roadblocks, and actions to be taken before each meeting.

  • Design- As I completed design and development I just worked on the blueprint. I decided to use Articulate Storyline. I also worked on a drag-drop interaction. As the course is designed keeping the corporate employee in mind, I used a corporate template.

  • Development- Design and development took place at the same time.


What did you learn from the development process?

  • I learned to create a project keeping the corporate client in the mind. It was different than my other projects in terms of the look and design.

Have you seen any benefits from your solution? How would you or do you measure its success? List key takeaways through a summary.

  • I haven't implemented it yet but I have received good feedback from some peers.