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Case Study

Project Title: Drug Safety Training for Live City Events

Tools Used: Vyond

Time in Development: 4 days

Completion Date: March 2020

Client: For portfolio challenge of Nicole Papaioannou Lugara, PhD

Collaborators: Myself

Problem Context:

Executive Summary:

Dr. Nicole Papaionnou conducts a portfolio challenge each month. I created this asset a compliance eLearning course of drug safety.

Problem Background :

Live City Events headquartered in Las Vegas, NV produces large-scale music festivals and events. In the past, they have organized Goldstrike festivals. But unfortunately, they had some drug-related incidents which include three fatal drug overdoses in 2020. Such incidences not only affect the Live City Event’s reputation but also make a bad impression on society, especially on the city leaders. Though Live City Events is not directly responsible for these unfortunate events the local city leaders want them to take some action to avoid it in the future else Live City Events will have to find a new city to host their events.

I planned to design a module that will provide online training on drug safety for all event staff including Live City Event’s employees, seasonal hires, vendors, and vendor subcontractors which will help increasing awareness of this critical issue to avoid any future unfortunate events.

This video asset was created as a hook for the learners. This video provides the objective of the course and engages the learners.